Mike Hisem is working two jobs and trying to build a business is tough, especially when most training and strategies are geared to full-time networkers, or with the mindset that we must sacrifice our free time, our lifestyle and potentially health for success. While these strategies may work for some, the vast majority of us building our networks have work or business obligations, and we do want financial success, however we also want to build an overall better lifestyle and personal wellness both today and in the future.

Helping Professionals with various background from around the world build relationships and achieve their career goals. Whether you are a Network Marketer with a job, or Self-Employed, a Commissioned Sales Professional, or a Small Business Owner, this blog will help you grow your business while balancing Lifestyle and Wellness. Together we will challenge common beliefs, leverage some time-tested strategies, and boldly push the leading edge of today’s business world, all while staying true to the vision of the future we are trying to create for ourselves and our families.

My Wife and I driving in a McLaren in Las Vegas