Putting the Work in

Someday in the future things may be different, however these day when my alarm goes off it’s because I don’t want to be late for one of my two jobs.  It’s a routine that I share with millions of people around the world.  A fact of life, like breathing air, without it, life as I…

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It all starts “Right Here”

Have you ever wanted more out of life? A dream vacation, bigger house, nicer car, more money, or simply to be out of debt? Let’s face it, we all want something “more”, even if not for ourselves but to give to our community,  our church, or the less fortunate. The big question is how do…

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Let’s start by giving Thanks.

As my the first post, I would like to start by showing my appreciation to everyone who has supported me, inspired me, and mentored me, and to those who will continue to do so along this journey.  I know without these people I will not be whom I am today, nor will I have the…

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