Don’t let Goals get in the way of your Goals!

Goals are the First Step toward Success We all have goals and dreams – things we want to accomplish for ourselves, to help others, to impact the community or the world.  However, what do you do if pursuit of one of our goals interferes with the achievement of another goal?  When you have more than one…

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Teamwork Tips from the Tour de France

What can the Tour de France Teach us about Teamwork? Sports can be described as many things: entertainment, business, competition, passion, exercise, and often, teamwork.  Team sports have been part of our cultures around the world, teaching lessons about competition, sportsmanship, compassion, practice, but one of the most important lesson is that of teamwork.  As…

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Think Big, Play Big!

Think Big – It will Drive Your Success! Ever feel like you need something to give you a little motivation to get you through the day? A little mental “pick-me-up” to get you to the finish line? Yesterday was one of those days for me.  And thanks to YouTube, and Donald Trump, I got re-inspired. “If…

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