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Don’t let Goals get in the way of your Goals!

Goals are the First Step toward Success We all have goals and dreams – things we want to accomplish for ourselves, to help others, to impact the community or the world.  However, what do you do if pursuit of one of our goals interferes with the achievement of another goal?  When you have more than one…
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Do You Have the Skills to Succeed in the New Economy?

The New Economy requires New Skills! These days, if you are not talking about the New Economy, you are probably falling behind.  Like it or not, the New Economy is upon us, and has been for years.  From the first time you bid on something on eBay, or bought a book on Amazon, or searched…
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Learning – Self-Improvement or Changing the World?

Have you ever asked yourself why you keep learning?  What are you gaining from those hours of Self-Improvement?  Why you are spending all that money on books, webinars, and courses?  Probably  at one point in your past someone told you it was a good idea, you picked up a book recommended by a mentor, or…
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