You are Missioncentric – Choose your Mission or Mediocrity with choose for you

You are Missioncentric – Choose your Mission or Mediocrity with choose for you

Do you want to do great things, and live an amazing lifestyle? Are you finding that your reality is not quite as great as you would like. Or do you find you are having success, however you are wondering why it’s taking so long, or why your growth has plateaued? The fact is you are Missioncentric.  You have to choose and act on your mission, or the world will choose a path for you.

If you are taking the time to read this blog, I will assume that you want more out of life, or you want to share ways for others to achieve the levels of success they dream of.  We have all set goals, created visions, and set a destination in our minds of what success would truly mean.  Being a huge promoter of having a Vision, I know the importance of knowing the destination before you start the journey, so that if you are ever off course, you can get back on track.  The problem is most don’t have the daily routine, the mindset, and the habits to stay on the road to success and make progress every single day.

You are Missioncentric – Choose your Mission or Mediocrity with choose for you

Being Missioncentric can be described as being focused on, and acting toward, a specific goal.  Today I watched a video blog from @rayhigdon (a great trainer and blogger, highly recommended) about being Missioncentric at networking meetings to achieve goals and overcome being an introvert.  This made be think, and the more I thought the more I realized the power of the concept is larger than just the single day, or single event – it is every day and every event.   If you are interested in growing your business, getting more sales, increasing your network at a meeting, earning a promotion, you know your mission.  In the moment when you are focused you know what to do, you are motivated to give the effort and put in the time.  However if you lose your focus, get distracted, as many of us do, or you don’t have a clear destination (as most of the population), then Mediocrity becomes your destination by default.  With all the businesses trying to part you from your salary, or you boss convincing you that with all your efforts, all you are worth is a 1% raise each year, to your friends and family convincing you that just getting by is good enough, it is near impossible to avoid being average.  You don’t even realize, Mission Average has become your life.

So, what is the key to Mission Success? We have to have a set of clear Goals, and a vibrant Mission that engages all of our senses.  We have to develop a Daily Routine that keeps us moving toward success, and keeps our Goals and Vision in the forefront of our minds.  We have to look hard at our habits, avoid the ones that are typical of the mediocre, and replace them with those typical of the successful.  Use Mindset Training and Affirmations to have a healthy, focused mind, and excercise to keep your body full of energy and to stimulate your immune system.

You have a choice.  Choose Mission Success, not only for yourself, but for your family and the lifestyle you can create for those you care for.  If you are going to be Missioncentric anyhow, at least choose Success, because when you look around, Mission Medicore is just too average.

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