Is your Present getting in the way of your Future?

Is your Present getting in the way of your Future?

Is your Present getting in the way of your Future?

Do you ever feel success is not coming fast enough? Do you feel like your current situation is holding you back? Do you ever feel like “if only I had more…” of “when I get this behind me then…”? Sometimes we all have that feeling. And these realities are holding you back, only as much as you let them. So, how can we break free of these feelings?

The reality of life is you will always have more demands on your time, or options to fill your time, than the hours in your day. From work, to family commitments, to friends, to errands, it is hard sometimes just to find some time to relax, never mind work on your success goals. There are so many distractions, from people, the internet, television, billboards, radio, etc, etc, etc, it is harder to keep focused. It is simple to blame these outside forces for our lack of focus and discipline. However, regardless who is to blame, the real issue truly is the derailment of your progress off the success track.

So, what are we to do? First and foremost, you have to take responsibility for having to make the change. Second, once you have recognized the issue, ask yourself four questions:

i) How is this a problem?
ii) How would I like it to be?
iii) How will I feel if this is corrected? and
iv) What am I going to do to change it?

Is your Present getting in the way of your Future?

You are going to be the driving force to get yourself back on track, and these questions will be of help.

Earlier this year I used this formula solve my problem with my poor fitness. I thought I did not have enough time to work out, and I somewhat embarrassed by how “out of shape” I had become. I noticed I did not have energy, it was impacting my work, my relationship with my wife, and I never had any good sleep as I was depending on caffeine thoughout the day to stay awake. I decided I wanted to improve my overall fitness without taking too much time out of my day; my goal was not to run marathons or compete in Mr Olympia, just get in better shape to feel better thoughout the day, sleep better, and spend more quality time with my wife. My solution was a 9-minute workout that was shown on the Dr Oz show with Chris and Heidi Powell (video bleow). I just got up 9 minutes earlier, and committed to working out every day. Starting out was not great, but it got better. I honestly could not tell you how much weight I lost, as that number was not important to me. I can tell you, inches have left my waistline, I have more energy, have energy thoughout the day, and sleep much better. And how did it make me feel? I have more confidence, I feel like I look better in my clothes, and instead of feeling sorry for myself, I feel like I am turning back the clock on years of neglect. I don’t think of myself as out of shape, but more as someone who works out every day, and I am taking back some of my youth. I still don’t spend enough quality time with my wife, however that is the next challenge…

Don’t let your present situation stop you from your future goals. This simple technique will let you break down some of the roadblocks on your journey to success.

I hope this helped. If you found value, please Like, Share, and Comment below. And as always, if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Mike Hisem

I don’t guarantee everyone success, but I guarantee everyone a shot!


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