Satisfaction is just past the Discomfort

Satisfaction is just past the Discomfort

You’ve heard the cliche, “You have to step out of your comfort zone” hundreds of time.  The truth is you can stay in your comfort zone forever, and our society is filled with people who do just that.  If your goal is the life and lifestyle you have now, stay comfortable.   For those of us who want more, it’s time to get uncomfortable.  You will be glad you did!
It is easy to figure out where to start.  Look at your goals and your vision.  What skills, or what activities are you lacking to accomplish your goals.  Is it calling more clients,  doing more presentations,  or simply getting to the gym for a workout?  Start small, but be consistent.   Don’t get discouraged with set – backs,  and just keep moving forward.   What you will find will be
the satisfaction you feel having completed,  or at least attempted your task, is far greater than the discomfort.   We are all scared, at least a little,  of what we don’t know or what we cannot do, so when you feel scared it’s normal.  Just keep your goals and Vision in your mind; it will help you drive through the discomfort.
Just remember,  if you feel discomfort,  satisfaction is around the corner.  When you reach your goals, it will have all been worth it.

Satisfaction is just past the Discomfort
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Keep reaching for your Peak!

Mike Hisem

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