What can you learn from the people you don’t like at work?

What can you learn from the people you don’t like at work?

Every workplace has them: the gossiper,  the lazy guy, the guy who’s always late, the guy who’s never at fault (usually also the blame the coworker who’s not there to defend themselves guy), the loud arrogant guy and the list goes on.  If you have worked anywhere that had more than one other employee, chances are there was one that at times you either did not like or did not get along with very much. Did you try to learn from this person or avoid them? Did you ever consider they may hold the key to you success.  You may never even had suspected, but that person who you despise may actually help you with your next breakthrough.
Jerks are people too. Now I am no way promoting being unlikeable,  but the first step in learning from them is getting past your perception of them. Being objective is like viewing your world like a movie of your life. Stop letting emotions get in the way, and refocus on your goals and how they can help you achieve them.
Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric gave an example in a interview with Success Magazine. “Consider sitting at a table with eight other people.  Each of those people are better at some aspect of your job than you are.  Your task is to find out and learn from them”.  Interesting perspective. Now, if you consider the average person, they will learn from the people at the table they are comfortable with and respect.  However you don’t have average goals and dreams. You will do what the average will not, and seek to learn from that last one or two sitting at the table as well.
If you obseve with an open mind, you will soon realize even those who are not liked can still be excellent at their jobs.  They have skills and techniques unnoticed by the masses, who are likely too preoccupied with gossip or complaining to learn these secrets.  You can implement these new skills, gain confidence,  and will likely be seen as more of an expert by your peers.
Looking at your coworkers, and the world in general, is a skill. And as with any skill, can be developed over time.  As you observe and peel back the layers you often find information you never previously noticed.  Often that guy you don’t like is much more normal than you had thought.  And that funny guy you hang around,  well your boss is not as easily amused, and she thinks you two waste too much time and it seems you are not really serious about your job…  yikes!  Be mindful of what you use to help you reach your goals, and what can be a hindrance or a distraction. How do others observe you? These tools are invaluable on your journey to success, and can be applied not only at you current job, but with any new challenge.
So, what can you learn from the coworkers you don’t like? There are skills, tricks and techniques most won’t see because they hidden by those obvious negative traits. Observing objectively helps see the big picture, and see multiple perspectives, further helping you with the do’s and don’ts.  And you never know, as you may have started learning from a villain and end up with a new friend or ally.  Stranger things have happened on the road to success.

What can you learn from the people you don’t like at work?

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