Be Thankful for your JOB – What you can learn when you are supposed to be working

Be Thankful for your JOB – What you can learn when you are supposed to be working

Be Thankful for your JOB – What you can learn when you are supposed to be working

Have you ever come home from a long day at work and wondered if it was really worth the money?  Do you ever think that no matter how hard you work, you will never get that promotion or raise? Ever just daydream at work what life would be like if you had a different job?  If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you are part of the vast majority of people unsatisfied at their workplace.  Personally, I can relate, as along with my Blog, and my Primary Company, I work two jobs (one full-time, the other part-time), and at any given time I have a certain degree of hate for one or both of them.  And in today’s Information Age, trading time for money, the traditional paradigm for the workplace is becoming obsolete, however, paying bills is still a current phenomenon.  We all hear “you should feel lucky” or “you should be thankful” to have a job; I agree, but not for the obvious reasons.

The main reason we dislike our jobs is that at some point, the time and effort we put in, along with the sacrifice of the things we could have been doing if we did not have to work, becomes much greater than the money we earn, and the satisfaction (if any) we receive.  Our mindset, and our focus, is on the negative, and as the Law of Attraction will tell you, the more you focus on the negative, the more negative you will attract.  So, what’s the answer? Change your our mindset.

Be Thankful for your JOB – What you can learn when you are supposed to be working

Be thankful for your JOB! Not thankful that you have a job, because if you are taking the time to fill your mind with information like this, you are bound for greater things.  There are many people with jobs that do not deserve them, and many who deserve them, who do not have a job.  The reason you should be thankful for your JOB, is for all the lessons you can learn during the time you are there.  Let’s face it, if you are like me, the JOB is a means to pay the bills, support your family and lifestyle, until your business (or whatever you may have planned) can replace it.  So, during this time, do not be a victim, prisoner, or a passenger, but me an active learner, a researcher, a detective.  Start looking at all the skills, knowledge, and networks you can develop during your time at your JOB.  Be a leader, be a great team player, develop new skills, test marketing techniques, closing techniques, work on public speaking and presentations.  Think of all the skills you will need in your business, and then volunteer for those tasks that can help you develop those skills.  After work, when you are living your life, you may find it difficult to find time, or situations, to develop these skills, so why not hone them on your boss’s time.  The irony is, that by being thankful for your JOB, and developing these skills, you will become a more valuable employee, you will produce better work, and you will attract opportunities for advancement and raises.  Just as the Law of Attraction can attract negative energy, being positive and thankful in the workplace will attract abundance and opportunity.

Providing a foundation to build from is another reason to be thankful for you JOB.  Many times we think that having a job is keeping us from our goals and dreams, and once again that is because of mindset.  If you realize that the JOB, and the accompanying paycheck is providing a springboard for your business, paying bills, reducing stress, allowing to spend on supplies and education, all while providing the vital positive cash flow that is the lifeblood of a new venture.  If you can keep working toward your goals and dream, having that JOB in the early stages of your business can often be the difference between success and failure.

So, start and finish each day with an Attitude of Gratitude.  Be thankful for you JOB, as you may not be there forever, but thankfully you are there today.

For those of you who are working, like me, while trying to build toward future goals, I hope this was helpful.  If your JOB days are behind you, or you know someone who may benefit from this information, please share.  And if you found value, or if there is anything I can do to help, please comment below.

Keep reaching for your Peak!

Mike Hisem


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