Category: Goals Setting

Lifestyle – Set Goals that Scare You!

Setting Goals is a topic of conversation throughout the year. Like many things, it often amazes me what events in our lives cause us to refocus away from distractions and back onto what is important to us.  Today, that event is the Super Bowl. Lifestyle is truly about getting what you want, and living the…
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Lifestyle – Leave Your 2015 Baggage Behind

The New Year is upon us, and along with it comes new optimism and expectation.  From New Year’s Resolutions, setting new goals, to having a fresh, clear, calendar, there are many reasons to be positive for 2016.  But, now that we are 2 weeks into the year, is it really any different, or is it…
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Don’t let Goals get in the way of your Goals!

Goals are the First Step toward Success We all have goals and dreams – things we want to accomplish for ourselves, to help others, to impact the community or the world.  However, what do you do if pursuit of one of our goals interferes with the achievement of another goal?  When you have more than one…
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