Don’t let Goals get in the way of your Goals!

Don’t let Goals get in the way of your Goals!

Goals are the First Step toward Success

We all have goals and dreams – things we want to accomplish for ourselves, to help others, to impact the community or the world.  However, what do you do if pursuit of one of our goals interferes with the achievement of another goal?  When you have more than one goal, and time is tight, it’s hard to determine where to spend our efforts.  And it can be discouraging when your focused efforts on one goal causes you to drift further away from achieving another, equally important goal.

Focused Efforts to Achieve All Goals

Ultimately, if it is not today, it will be a day soon, but sooner or later, we will have less day than things we need to get done.  If we have friends, family, volunteer duties, and of course a boss, clients, or customers, there are plenty of people who want to schedule your time.  With all these obligations, it is no wonder that sometimes you may not have enough time for your goals; so, when you have more than one goal, how do you allocate your time?  Here are some tips to be effective:

  1. Be Laser Focused on the Exact Activities to most efficiently achieve your goals.
  2. Schedule your Time for Goal Achievement ahead of time.
  3. Incorporate Stress Reducing Activities to increase productivity
  4. When in doubt, Make a Decision and Run with It

If you incorporate these activities you will be focused on the correct activities to reach your goals, and you can allocate time for each of your goals.  By planning ahead of time, and focusing the time you have to maximum efficiency, you can attack multiple goals, and gain momentum in many areas.  This video gives a few more details to help clarify these points:

Hope you found value.  Reaching your goals is achievable, providing we implement a great strategy and daily routine.  If you found value, Like, Comment, and Share below, and if you have any questions send me and email at


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