Lifestyle – Leave Your 2015 Baggage Behind

Lifestyle – Leave Your 2015 Baggage Behind

The New Year is upon us, and along with it comes new optimism and expectation.  From New Year’s Resolutions, setting new goals, to having a fresh, clear, calendar, there are many reasons to be positive for 2016.  But, now that we are 2 weeks into the year, is it really any different, or is it just more of the same old 2015?

Often, as the calendar moves to January, we make plans to change, to have a year better than the last.  After all, if we are truly pursuing a better lifestyle, what better time to make a change than the beginning of the year?

The reality, more often than not, it is not our plans of change that keep us from the lifestyle we want.  When we really look closely, our intentions are still there, our hopes, our dreams, and yet, we seem to not be any different from the year prior.  Maybe, to get the lifestyle you want, it’s not as much about what you start doing, but what you stop.

Lifestyle really is a balancing act, of the positive things versus the negative ones that impact our lives.  Obviously, we want more of the positive.  The the negative ones often have so much power, and are so deep-rooted, that you don’t even realize you are being distracted until it’s too late.

To make your lifestyle in 2016 better, look at what you did not like about 2015.  Was it that you worked too many hours, you did not travel enough, you had negative relationships in the workplace?  Any of these things, even though we often dismiss them as minor, take up energy and focus from what you really want.  Want a better lifestyle, then list all the things that you did not like about last year, and leave that baggage behind!!  Just like when you move to a new house or apartment, you never bring everything, but you take the opportunity to get rid of some of those things you don’t use or no longer need.  Think of this a “moving” from one year to the next, and leave the junk you don’t need behind!

Hope this helps give a different perspective on creating a better lifestyle in 2016.  If you found value, like, comment or share.  If you have any questions, either leave them in the comments below, or email me at


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