Attitudes are Contagious – Is Yours worth catching?

“I believe Attitudes are Contagious – Is Yours worth catching?” Mike Ditka

So, I was watching A Football Life on the NFL Network while I was getting treatment on my wrist, as a way to pass the time.  Suddenly,  almost without warning I am slapped in the face with this quote from Mike Ditka; now he may quoting someone else, but today Iron Mike was the messenger.
It is funny how sometime a message seems to come from nowhere.   However as I watched the rest of the show, it was almost like I was watching a silent movie.  How true a quote.  Is my attitude worth catching?  Is yours?

I believe Attitudes are Contagious – Is Yours worth catching?

Positive attitude is extremely important.  We all have bad days, however do we let people catch our bad attitude,  or even worse,  are we catching there’s?
Take a moment a be positive.   Be thankful for what you have, where you are at,  and most importantly where you are going.  Have an #attitudeofgratitude and thank someone who has helped you along the journey.  Mike Ditka made it to the Football Hall of Fame with intimidation and strength; let us build our success with positive example and growth. #mikeditka #chicagobears
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Mike Hisem

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