You attract who you are – decide to be positive!

You attract who you are – decide to be positive!

Ever notice how many people are complaining at the workplace? Do you wonder why so much of the news is negative, doom-and-gloom stories? When you tell your spouse about your day, do you relay how tough it was, and complain about your workload or your coworkers? If you find yourself surrounded with negativity, or know people who are, I will let you in on a secret – you attract who are, not who you want. The old adage, “the easiest way to change the people around you is to change the people around you” is timeless, but the truth is the change starts with you. If you want to be surrounded with positive people, be a beacon of positive energy.

A few months ago I was listening to a training (Darren Hardy I believe) and the message was “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. And with some informal research, I found this to be true. Our fitness, our income, our travel, our aspirations, etc, etc, etc are basically the average of the 5 people we surround ourselves with. Now rather than debate the amount of variation, let us agree this is a general trend in our society. The marathon runners or power lifters don’t hang out with the “sleep all day” crowd, and the wealthy do not vacation with the entry-level workers. So, if you find yourself surrounded by negative people, sadly, it is not them, it’s you…

Good news, there is still hope for you. Decide to be positive. Become a beacon of positive energy. It may be difficult at first. All those negative, complaining, whiners around you will be repelled by you new energy. It may be awkward, but soon they will find new people to listen to their tales of woe, and new, positive people will be attracted by your light. And better news yet, you can use this attraction rule (not to be confused with the Law of Attraction) to change other things in your life. Want to have friends that are more active, become more active. Want friends that are interested in live theater or live music, attend more live theater or concerts. Want friends who are goal oriented and want to improve their lifestyle, well, you know what you have to do…

You attract who you are – decide to be positive!

You attract who you are, not who you want. It all starts with you. Whether it is your friends, your workplace, or your affiliate marketing business, the same rule holds true. So, take the first step and become a beacon of positive energy!

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Mike Hisem

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