Dare to Not Compare

Dare to Not Compare

Dare to Not Compare

These are amazing times. In today’s instant access, touch-of-a-button, next day shipping world, we enjoy opportunities and have access to information like never before. The pace is faster, the choices are endless, and sometimes that equates to expectations that are unrealistic.

Today while I was at work I found myself alittle jealous. One of my coworkers, someone both younger and less experienced, was explaining he was going away camping this weekend; with beautiful summer weather and a weekend booked with work commitments, I admit, for a moment, I felt envious. Ever been there? “Why does he get to go away again?”, “How can she afford that car?”, “Must be nice to be able to afford that big house…” – these have probably crossed all of our minds at some point. I admit, I am human too.

Although these thoughts crossed my mind, I realized they were merely a distraction that served no purpose. Those negative thoughts certainly were not going to improve my weekend, and why should he not be able to enjoy the beautiful weather with his family? Rather than spending energy thinking about what others have, we should be channeling that energy into our goals, our Vision, and improving our opportunities in the future.

“Comparitis” is the term the great trainer Ray Higdon uses to describe this phenomenon. And it permeates though all aspects of our lives if we let it. Whether it is our struggles with weight, stress, our job opportunities, health issues, or finances, it is easy to find someone who does not share the same difficulties and feel negative towards them. Or worse yet, find someone who sympathizes with you and tells you it is okay, basically telling you quitting on your goal is an option. Neither situation is of benefit. Whether someone is better off, or worse off, it rarely changes your goals or what you need to do to achieve them.

Dare to Not Compare

So, if you ever find yourself comparing, or thinking it is not happening fast enough, take a moment and refocus. Review your goals and your Vision of the future. Look at all the progress you have made and take pride in your accomplishments. Take responsibility for the effort you need to put in to reach your goals – and get back to work!! You will be the difference between success and failure. Although others will be there to help you along the way, whether they reach their goals more quickly, or achieve things which do not even appear in your Vision, is no consequence to you. Be positive. Applaud their accomplishments. Just keep your focus down your roadway to success!!

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Mike Hisem

I don’t guarantee anyone success, but I guarantee everyone a shot!!


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