As a Working Networker, what is more precious than money?

As a Working Networker, what is more precious than money?

As a Working Networker, what is more precious than money?

You work a full-time job. All your bills get paid on time. You have positive cashflow. You are a Working Networker, and yet you don’t have the success in your business you desire. When you are in this situation, what is more precious than money? More time! With all the effort and sacrifice you are probably wish you had more time. You probably think that if you only did not have to work your job you would have more success and a better lifestyle. The truth is you do not need more time, you need more time management!

Now, to be honest, there are two possible scenarios where time seems to be the bottleneck. The less frequent situation, and the one we all hope for, is where we are so successful that a job or other obligations are costing us money. We have so much business activity that our other commitments are limiting our profits. In this situation, true, if you want more business success, you need more time, and – leaving your job may be the answer.

The second situation is the one most Working Networkers find themselves in – not enough success in business and thinking lack of time is to blame. The cold, hard truth is time is our most precious commodity. And especially when we have other work and family obligations, effective time management is the key to success not only in our business goals, but with our lifestyle goals as well. Your time management will dictate the velocity of your success. Make sure you take a good look at your goals and vision. Then take a laser focus at the one or two activities that will achieve those goals.

As a Working Networker, what is more precious than money?

Let’s say, for example, you only have one extra hour per day. That hour could take the form of your lunch hour at work, time during your commute, or some spare time after dinner before you go to bed. How do you spend that hour? Are you calling prospects, or calling friends? Are you following up with clients, or scrolling through your emails or Facebook? Are you making appointments or making excuses? The truth (one which most people do not want to hear) is that if you cannot build your business part-time, you also cannot build it full-time. If you waste time part-time, you will just waste even more time once you leave your job. Focus on the activities that are most effective in achieving your goals. Not only will that drive your business, it will boost your confidence, improve your skills, and before you know it, it will become a habit. You will find you have more time, and get more done, in the same spare hours that had once caused you frustration. Steer clear of the distractions, and focus on your profit producing activities; the irony here is the more efficient you become with your time, the greater your success, and eventually you create the other time problem (one we are much more happy to have). Use that precious hour as effectively as possible, and before you know it, your goals and dreams will be within your reach!

As a Working Networker, often cashflow is not our issue. Our first, and natural reaction is to blame time, thinking it is something beyond our control. In reality, the problem, and the solution, begins with us. We have to master the skills of time management, the efficient and effective use of time. The better we get at these skills, the greater our velocity of success.

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