Do You Have the Skills to Succeed in the New Economy?

Do You Have the Skills to Succeed in the New Economy?

The New Economy requires New Skills!

These days, if you are not talking about the New Economy, you are probably falling behind.  Like it or not, the New Economy is upon us, and has been for years.  From the first time you bid on something on eBay, or bought a book on Amazon, or searched for a recipe or directions on Google, you help start the wave of change.  The New Economy requires new skills, new ways of communications, and new ways of doing business.  Most people these days are still relying on their Old-School skills to help them navigate the New Economy, however, much like the retailer that did not adapt to the internet, they are out of business, or struggling and being left behind.

New Mindset will drive the New Economy

Today you may be having success.  A “Good-Job”, a “Title”, next in line for the big promotion, however if you don’t realize how much the world is changing around us, you may be deceiving yourself with a false sense of security.  The old days of “Get a Good Job and stay there until you retire” may have worked for our parents or grandparents, but the sad reality these days are that if you haven’t been laid off yet, there is a good chance you will be laid off soon! Experts predict the New Economy will eliminate one-third of the jobs we currently have in the next two decades.  Consider the Google Car (or whomever perfects the self-driving vehicle first) – auto-drive vehicle will either make extinct taxi and truck drivers, parking attendants, and car salespeople, or at least put them on the endangered list.  The automakers who don’t adapt will be crushed, trying to sell cars to people who neither want to nor need to drive anymore.  How does this effect you? And are you ready to make it profitable?

Need Help to Get Ready for the New Economy – you might need a Mentor

Let’s face it.  The overwhelming majority of the people we all know are not ready or willing to adapt.  They like the lower prices, the wider variety, the faster service of the New Economy, but they are not ready to accept it will ultimately impact them.  When it does, and they have not developed the skills, they will blame their employer, the government, the value of their currency, global warming, or whatever their excuse so as not to accept the blame themselves.  So, how do you adapt, and more importantly, stay on track, when everyone around you is betting on their old systems?  Get a Mentor!

Just like every great athlete needs a coach, you will develop you skills and reach your goals faster with a Mentor (or Coach if you prefer).  An objective voice that can work along side you, a sounding board for ideas, and someone to keep you accountable.  The new economy will be unforgiving for those unprepared, and will provide opportunities that have not been imagined yet for those who have developed the necessary skills.  A Mentor is the best way to ensure you are ready when the opportunity arises!

The New Economy is upon us, whether we are prepared or not.  Having read this post, obviously you are interested in making changes and developing your skills.  I hope you found value and sight.  If so, comment below, and if you have any questions or are in need or Coaching, email me at, and I assist as I can.

I don’t guarantee everyone success, but I guarantee everyone a shot!

Mike Hisem

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