Let’s start by giving Thanks.

Let’s start by giving Thanks.

As my the first post, I would like to start by showing my appreciation to everyone who has supported me, inspired me, and mentored me, and to those who will continue to do so along this journey.  I know without these people I will not be whom I am today, nor will I have the knowledge nor the energy or opportunity to share it.

To my beautiful wife Marie-Anne, I want to thank you for all the support through the years, from my crazy ideas that sometime don’t work out as planned, to the long, insane hours I sometimes work.  I know you have sacrificed alot, and it hasn’t always been the easiest to support me, but I appreciate you being with me on the journey, and I promise you the best it yet to come.

To all the friends, coworkers, supervisors, bossess, mentors and trainers that have supported me, inspired me, annoyed me, or offended me, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you.  All of you have helped me, or made me, stretch, improve, grow, create, and guided me down this path to the vision of my future.

To Ray Higdon, who inspired me in many ways, from business success, to striving from an amazing personal lifestyle, I will always appreciate your insights when I needed someone to keep me on track.  And thanks for inspiring me to write this blog, and create value, and to realize that everyone I may help or inspire with this will, in some way, have been indirectly been helped by your willingness to share your wisdom, and for that I am grateful.

Thanks to all, and to everyone who comes with me on this journey.

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