Multi-Tasking gets Tasks Done!

Multi-Tasking gets Tasks Done!

Multi-Tasking gets Tasks Done!

Ever start out with a “To Do” list that seems longer than your day? Have a whole pile of intentions but too little time? Creative multitasking may be the answer.
Now, if you have spent any amount of time studying time management or personal development, you are probably are familiar with the concept of “turning your car into a classroom” so you can learn while you drive.  And I am sure everyone has experienced Business Lunch.  So why can’t we take the same logic to creatively accomplish multiple tasks at the same time.  Try listening to audio books when you are cleaning  the house or washing the dishes.  Meeting a teammate or mentor? Why not go for a walk and you both get some exercise at the same time? Go for a bike ride with your spouse: you can spend some quality time outdoors, catch up on each other’s day, and burn off a few calories at the same time. This blog is written on an afternoon break at work, while I enjoy some fresh air and a snack (putting down the paper and avoiding the gossip helps me be more productive,  and saves time for other tasks when I am home).

Multi-Tasking gets Tasks Done!
Let your goals guide you.  Prioritize based on what is important to you, then get creative and see what you can multitask at the same time.  This exercise will make you proactive, more efficient,  and will help you incorporate upcoming tasks within the framework of your goals and Vision. Today’s 24 hours will soon be gone; what you do with them will determine if you stay on your path to success.
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Mike Hisem
I don’t guarantee everyone success, but I guarantee everyone a shot!


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