Putting the Work in

Putting the Work in

Someday in the future things may be different, however these day when my alarm goes off it’s because I don’t want to be late for one of my two jobs.  It’s a routine that I share with millions of people around the world.  A fact of life, like breathing air, without it, life as I know it quickly begins to get darker.

Now I realize many online Bloggers and Trainers are full-time, living a lifestyle much different than mine.  Admittedly, I am alittle jealous at times, but more importantly, I value their wisdom and guidance, as well as having them a beakon of hope for a brighter tomorrow.  I find myself bordering two worlds, the one of the future, where my business has reaches a point where it grows beyond my efforts, and my present, where I have to work two jobs (which I cannot see myself doing until retirement).  With this strange transition, I have been inspired to create this blog, not only to chronicle my journey, but hopefully to give guidance, support, and maybe even some hope, to those who are on simillar journeys.

I am not writing to “bash” jobs, or even be negative.  When I pick up the paper, turn on the news, or just eavesdrop on conversations at the coffee shop, I realize how fortunate I am to have a job, let alone two. I am grateful for the opportunity to support my family, and develop skills, and sometimes I feel guilty when I think some of my coworkers (the closed-minded ones) are likely stuck there, reliving the same days over and over again, until they retire, or the place shuts down( while I can smile and know it is only temporary).  I work proudly, not because I think that it is the best destination for me, but it is a tool that I can leverage to have a quality of life while I build my business.  And let’s face it, most of us start this journey in this manner, getting a job, looking for a better job, then building your life.

If you are working, and you feel the pressure to go “Full-Time”, remember, you have some advantages.  You have an additional stream of income, you have a different environment to grow and learn new skills, you have an insight to the “working world”, both considering employees and management, you have less stress in the bad times of your business, and most importantly, you are more relateable to others who work.  If you are a full-time business person, people have the excuse “it’s easy for them because they have all day to network, grow, build, market, prospect…” (you get the idea); when you have a job, and you build success the statement turns to “if they can do it and have a job, then I can do it too!!”.   You become a beakon of hope, a leader they can follow, and someone they know has been in the trenches with them, and someone willing to fight along side of them.

So when your alarm goes off tomorrow, and it’s time to go to work, smile – it’s one day closer to your freedom.  Be proud, do your best, and grow, because if you keep moving forward toward your vision, it’s not forever.

To every one who still has a job, and a dream, I will be here fighting and dreaming with you.  Cheers to your Future!

Mike Hisem


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