Think Big, Play Big!

Think Big, Play Big!

Think Big – It will Drive Your Success!

Ever feel like you need something to give you a little motivation to get you through the day? A little mental “pick-me-up” to get you to the finish line? Yesterday was one of those days for me.  And thanks to YouTube, and Donald Trump, I got re-inspired.

“If you are going to think anyway, might as well Think Big!”

A quote from Donald Trumps book, The Art of the Deal.  I read this book years ago, a great read and insightful.  At the time, I was not in business, and I certainly did not think big, so the quote did not really resonate with me.  Now, years later, when I watched the video, it brought into perspective some of the teachings of some of my other Mentors, and it brought a new meaning for a message I feel working networkers everywhere could appreciate.

“You Have to Play Bigger”

Ray Higdon, the trainer, coach, entrepreneur and all around interesting dude, tells his students one of the biggest obstacles to success in business (and life) is we play too small.  We don’t take risks, we don’t overcome our fears, and we seldom step out of our comfort zone.  Bob Proctor, the world-renown trainer and motivational speaker tells people to set goals that “scare you”; if the goals don’t scare you, they probably aren’t big enough.  Both these men have trained thousands around the world, and within their message echo’s The Donald’s, you have to Think Big!

Hope this brings you some value, and helps you expand you mind and vision to a higher level.  We all want to achieve a greater success, and this is a simple tool to help our mindset.  If you found value, please  Like, Comment, and Share below.  And if you have any questions, please email me at



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