It’s About Time!

It’s About Time!

It’s About Time!

It’s about time. Such a short yet powerful statement. A few weeks ago, one of my mentors, Chris Messenger, posted a video with the same title, and when I misjudged the title, it really got me thinking of the power of time in our lives. A resource that should be cherished, and sadly it is too often wasted by those who have plenty, and out of the reach of those who do not have enough. With all the different meanings of this simple yet powerful statement, you really have to ask yourself, are you investing your time, or wasting it?

It’s about time; we pose the question of why it has taken so long? This is the literal use of the phrase my mentor had intended. He, as is my case, had not posted anything in some time, and basically implied that after a long absence he was posting again. It was obvious from his video, but not my first impression when I read the title. Once I realized his intention it really started my mind working on the value of the time lost in the interim; what insights may have been shared, what impact those may have had in a ripple effect, how much progress in our businesses and lives could be have all made, compounded. This process really made me look at the deeper value of time. A real commodity, which we can waste, spend, or if we are smart, invest to create more time. Much like money, however in our finite lives, much more valuable.

It’s about time; let us consider time management. In my busy life, when I saw this title I was yearning for insight into how to manage my day more efficiently. Improve productivity, improve profitability, reduce the time required to achieve goals and ultimately have a better lifestyle. I am always looking for tips and techniques, whether to help my own situation, or to help other associates navigate their hectic lives. With all the competition in the marketplace, we all have to be of the utmost efficiency to survive, and beyond if we also want to succeed.

It’s about time; what does our time mean to us? Given an infinite amount of time, we could do anything and everything. However, that is not reality. So with the time that we are given, what is the most important use? A good reference point would be your Vision Statement. In our high demand, instant access, someone’s waiting to take our spot world, it is easy to lose focus of what you really value in your time. And with that, it is the main reason we get so easily distracted and waste so much of it. Is it spending more time with family, or enjoying your hobbies, exercising, or devoting to a local charity? I know it probably is not watching more television, more time communting, or having more time to spend on the internet, however this is how we often spend out time. Take a moment and ask yourself, “if I only had one hour a day to invest however I want, how would I invest it?” The answer may surprise you, and hopefully will get you refocused on what is truly important.

It’s about time; what will be your legacy? The sad reality is, for all of us one day our time will run out. Unlike money, where you can always make more, leverage, bank, diversify income streams, with time there is a limit. Once we reach that limit, what is the story that we leave behind? One of the best examples of this point I heard was almost 20 years ago, in “The Dash” speech by Joe Plumeri; he was speaking of looking at a tombstone, where your year of birth, and year of death are separated by a hyphen, which in his speech represented your life story. How will that be told by those you leave behind. What is your “Dash”? Are the stories going to be about your dedication to your family, your character, the great things you did for charity and your community? Or would it be a sad tale of dedicating the best years of your life to a company that never showed you the same loyalty, and missing the important moments in your family’s lives? You are writing this story, day by day, whether you like it or not. Do not let it be a sad tale. Take ownership of your legacy, and craft a tale worthy of Shakespeare! You, and your loved ones, are worth it!

With the value of time never truly appreciated until you have little, it is hard to give justice to it’s significance in a post. However I do hope that this will start you thinking, as I have, about this important subject. It is about time, and it’s about time you realized it!

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